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About Hacienda / Blue Seas Bed & Breakfast

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B&B Breakfast Coupon

There are many unique styles of B&B's but typically a Bed and Breakfast is a small, owner-operated resort offering their guests cozy accommodations and a yummy breakfast to greet their day.

Even though all of our accommodations have full kitchens we noticed  many of our guests love taking a seaside morning walk to everyone's favorite local eatery, the El Mar Café, just a block away. 

We thought it would be a great idea to partner exclusively with the

El Mar Cafe to offer our Hacienda guests an awesome  Breakfast Coupon Discount

Guest love it and often eat at the café every day!   

At check-in you will receive your Breakfast Coupon

which will be good throughout your stay at the Hacienda.


                     Blue Seas Courtyard is now an official B&B on Bed and!


blue seas couryard b&b breakfast coupon 15% discount el mar cafe. *excludes alcohol beveages/pleas prsent upon ordering
el mar cafe lauderdale by the sea's favorit eatery just a 1 block walk outhto downtown 4405 el mar drive
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