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About Hacienda / The History of the Blue Seas Courtyard

Blue Seas courtyard owners and family

Marc, Cristie and Granddaughters, Natalie & Hailey

How It All Began

The original Blue Seas was built in 1946 and included six units with a separate house on the property.  Six additional units were added in 1968 for a total of 12.  Seaside properties in those early days were built especially well.  Thick beamed roofs and solid plaster walls kept the buildings standing during hurricanes.  Although the Blue Seas had a rock solid foundation it needed some work in the character department as you can see in this early photos from the 1950's and 60's.



old photo, black and white of a hous
vintage photo of a house

Things Began to Change...

Blue Seas Owners

when Marc and Cristie entered the picture in 1971.  Marc was from Long Island and Cristie from Michigan and, as fate would have it, they met on El Mar Drive right in front of the Blue Seas Courtyard!  They fell in love and eventually moved into efficiency #3, marrying in 1974.  Marc and Cristie managed the Blue Seas for Marc's parents for 12 years until they saved up a down payment to make the property their own.



Let's Get to Work!

Their first order of business was to clean up the yard and start

the paint projects.  To the right is a photo of the "cleaned-up"

Blue Seas in 1972.  You will notice there is no swimmming pool

anywhere to be found.  That was a major problem and became

their first big priority. Marc and Cristie designed and sub-

contracted this project and soon

their beautiful new pool was a

reality. The clay brick deck was a

departure from the typical white

cement decks and became the

early inspiration for the terra

cotta, Mexico theme that developed over the years to come. 

Blue Seas Entrance
pool at blue seas
female by window

Out with the Old and In with the New

Over the decades original wood crank windows were replaced by bronze windows and the flat white tile roof by exquisite clay barrel tile from Venezuela.  The once-popular shuffle board court was removed to put in a lattice privacy fence which provided a decorative background to design a courtyard garden.  Carpeting was replaced with Mexican saltillo tile and the plain white hotel walls were bust into color with faux paint and hand-stencelling.  The original Blue Seas Courtyard was in the decades long process of being transformed into the charming Mexico-style hacienda it is today.



Owner Cristie painting
blue seas court yard pool
Ownr Marc next to wall
Ownr Marc on floor

A Seaside Oasis Amidst a Concrete Jungle

As the rest of the South Florida Gold Coast overdeveloped the beachfront, Lauderdale by the Sea chose to preserve the Old Florida charm and quaintness that visitors have been enjoying since the 1940's.  Thanks to active local residents, no hi-rises were allowed to be built that block our precious ocean vistas.  This gave the Town's original small resorts, such as the Blue Seas Courtyard, the opportunity to be preserved and thoroughly renovated - offering guests the best combination of an old-fashioned Florida style beach vacation combined with today 's modern ammenities.

view of ocean

Lauderdale by the Sea's Foremost Preservationists

Marc and Cristie have been in the forefront of preserving the unique character of Lauderdale by the Sea for decades.  They have held elective office and served on Town Boards,  spearheaded referendum drives to preserve low-rise height limits, formed citizens organizations dedicated to preserving the town's small town quality of life and worked to support preservation-minded candidates in every

local election since 1972.

Marc and Cristie

Welcome to our Mexico-style Hacienda

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